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Zi.Care HIS is a holistic Healthcare information and management system. We create a patient-focused integrated system for medical services and optimize hospital resources. Our interactive system covers 3 (three) components, Hospital Administration, Clinical Support System and Claim Management System.

Helps digitalize and speed up administration process with The best quality guaranteed
A faster way to achieve higher quality of service
Faster service with maximum quality
Simplify the administration process for BPJS patients by using V-Claim web services:
  • Direct checking for membership details and information
  • Ability to add, delete, edit, and search for SEP
  • Create referrals to other doctors or hospitals
  • Monitor visitor, claim, past services, and Jasa Raharja claim data
  • Information on room availability directly from Aplicare and JKN mobile
Facilitate hospital in accommodating patients needs related to their insurance:
  • Register patient through multiple insurance in one case
  • Detail information based on one’s insurance coverage
  • Inhealth web service integration
Effortless arrangement for doctor’s practice schedule and slot capacity according to the hospital:
  • The number of patients will be automatically adjusted to the capacity of the doctor in that day
  • Doctor can easily see how many patients have been registered
  • Patients have the freedom to choose their schedule based on their availability during the doctor’s practice
  • Doctor’s capacity can be adjusted for walk in registration as well as online registration
Assist hospital in room and bed management to provide real time information on their availability:
  • Help caregivers to get information on bed availability and make reservations
  • Shorter waiting time for patients to get their bed and room
  • This feature has been integrated with JKN Mobile for BPJS patients
  • Easy access on medical and non- medical reports
  • Comply with regulator standard reports
Send notifications to patient regarding their service status:
  • Patients are free to wait anywhere they want until their consultation time comes
  • Daily surgical schedule managed by the doctor or admin of the surgery room give complete information on the daily, weekly, and even monthly schedule which help to save surgery room costs and thus increase hospitals revenue
Assisting medical team in monitoring patients and making the best decisions
Optimizing service to patients
Click to see patient’s history
Automatic GCS Scaling
  • Help caregivers to measure the level of patient’s awareness
  • The results are automatically shown
  • Speed up the assessment for case severity, life expectancy, and success rates that will be achieved in accordance with the service standards for emergency unit
  • More precise and fast handling when patient’s condition becomes unstable or worsen
  • Simplify patient care planning by recording patient progress in detail
  • Integrated CPPT helps to prevent miscommunication between caregivers
  • Provide information on the maximum recommended drugs prescription
  • Help in precisely determining the severity of burns
  • Quick follow up actions when necessary
Facilitate the process of insurance claims with real-time access
Celebrate insurance
claims success
Administrative claim acceptence
Coordination of Benefit
  • Patients are able to use coordination of benefit
BPJS Claim Integration
  • Fast and seamless claim process as our system is already integrated with BPJS V-Claim and E- Klaim
  • Integrated BPJS claim purification and verification
Paperless Claim System
  • No longer collecting claim files and speed up claim process through digital documentation

* based on insurance policy
Simple Bill Splitting
  • Hassle free to separate bills according to the type of insurance the patient has
Reduce for a
better use
Stop waste and start to generate
We don’t cut the process, We speed it up!

In the era of great health data, Zi.Care as a smart electronic medical record platform make it more easy to use, comprehensive and very helpful for data processing. Zi.Care's platform interface is also very millennial, interesting and informative.

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